Welcome to the College of Computing and Engineering (CCE) at Nova Southeastern University. Since the industrial revolution, engineers and scientists have been at the forefront of innovation and change in the world. Today, we face a dynamic, challenging world that calls for urgent solutions to balance both human needs and natural concerns. The demand for problem solving leaders with engineering and computational proficiencies has never been greater.

At the CCE, we are educating today’s engineers and computational professionals to be tomorrow’s problem solving leaders through innovative curricula and research activities. Our distinguished faculty engage students in a unique, interactive learning environment that facilitates academic excellence and prepares our students for their future careers while they earn a B.S., M.S., or Ph.D degree. All programs enable working professionals to earn the M.S., or Ph.D. without interrupting their careers. Companies seeking new sources of talent are looking at our college because of our commitment to our students and quality programs.

Please explore our website and visit our campus to seek ways in which we can help you fulfill your educational goals. Thank you for visiting our dynamic learning community and best wishes in your educational and professional endeavors.  


Meline Kevorkian, Ed.D.
Dean, College of Computing and Engineering

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