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Research and Scholarly Work

The expertise of the research community at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Computing and Engineering is unparalleled. Our dissertations and academic work, detailing both scholarly and creative products generated by our faculty, staff, and students, represents a sample of our collective mastery.

In the College of Computing and Engineering, you’ll delve into groundbreaking research topics, tackling complex problems in computer science, engineering, and technology. At the dissertation stage, you’ll contribute to innovative solutions and advancements in the digital world and shed light on the forefront of technology. Alongside our industry-leading faculty, you have the opportunity to offer fresh insights in all aspects of technology and computing.

For a comprehensive look at student dissertations, faculty scholarship, presentations, and other works within the College of Computing and Engineering, visit NSUWorks.

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Inaugural Cybersecurity Research Symposium 


Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) play a vital role in protecting human subjects in research. To comply with federal regulations, all institutions conducting research using human subjects must have an IRB. IRBs are independent committees that review research proposals to ensure that they meet ethical standards and protect the rights and welfare of participants.

Click here to visit the NSU College of Computing and Engineering IRB page

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