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Graduate Admissions

Advance your career or research goals at Nova Southeastern University’s College of Computing and Engineering. Our programs are designed to elevate your earning potential, fuel your creativity, and empower you to make meaningful contributions in the dynamic world of software, hardware, cybersecurity, and more.

As a student, you won't just tackle theory. You'll conduct original research and confront real-world challenges, with the support of cutting-edge technology and guidance from expert faculty. Our world-class curriculum is a fusion of in-depth technical knowledge, innovation, and collaborative learning.

View admission requirements for our graduate programs:

Frequently Asked Admissions Questions

We strive to identify future students with tremendous professional outlook. Our admission process takes into consideration both professional and academic accomplishments. Admission is competitive; consequently, applicants who meet the minimum requirements specified herein are not assured admission. There is no formula; the college qualitatively and quantitatively evaluates applicants and makes selections based on performance, personal qualifications, and evidence of potential for success.

For the doctoral programs, capacity is also an issue. Thus doctoral applicants are encouraged to submit application materials earlier to maximize the chance of acceptance to the desired term of entry.

There are no application deadlines. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. To ensure evaluation for the desired starting term, applications and all required documents must be ready for review at least one month prior to the start of the term for master's applications and at least two months prior to the start of the term for doctoral applications. Late applications that cannot be processed in time for the desired starting term will be considered for the next available term.

Master's Admissions

Doctoral Admissions

You will be required to submit payment at the end of your online application process. Without payment, your application is incomplete and is not considered submitted.

For information about the cost of attendance, visit our Tuition and Fees page. 

If you are applying for federal aid, you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The fastest and easiest way to apply is online through the FAFSA web site at

It is important to include the NSU school code-001509 and complete this year's application. You can apply early for Financial Aid. You must be fully accepted and registered for classes with the minimum number of credits required for the specific type of aid before any financial aid funds will be disbursed.

For information regarding Federal Loan Programs for graduate and professional students, please visit NSU's Office of Financial Aid.

Click here for scholarship opportunities. 

There are no available opportunities at this time.
Yes. You may start your application process with a transcript showing your last semester in progress. You will be required to submit a letter from the institution stating you are in good academic standing and your expected graduation date. If the admissions committee admits you into the program, it will be under a provisional status. This status will only allow you to register for one semester and prohibit you from obtaining financial aid until the final official transcript has been received. On the other hand, the committee members may not be able to make a final decision on your file until they view your final official transcript.
The GPA required for the master's program is at least a 2.5 and the GPA required for the doctoral program is at least a 3.2. If you do not meet the minimum required GPA, the admissions committee requests that you submit a supplemental letter explaining why the low GPA does not reflect your potential for success in the program. You can also submit recommendation letters from people in a position to comment on your career promise and outlook. The decision to apply knowing that GPA requirements are not met rests with the applicant.
There is no requirement to submit the GRE score. You may submit standardized test scores or any additional documentation to strengthen your application.

Master's: A maximum of six credit hours of graduate-level work will be considered for transfer if (1) the graduate credit was earned within five calendar years of course completion, (2) the credit was earned from a regionally accredited university, (3) the content of the courses requested for transfer is equivalent to an NSU course in the program of study (4) the courses were not used toward a prior awarded degree, and (5) a grade equivalent to B or higher in each of the courses requested for transfer. A grade of P (Pass) of CR (Credit) or other such grade will not be accepted. Upon admission into one of the master’s degree programs, the student may request approval of transfer of credits in writing to an academic advisor. Official transcripts are required to process requests for transfer credits.

Doctoral: Our doctoral program does not accept any transfer of credits for coursework or experience.

The diploma states the degree and major earned with the date. It does not indicate the format of instruction (i.e. it will not say, "online").

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to demonstrate English proficiency. The following standardized tests satisfy the university's English requirement for nonnative English speakers. Official test results must be sent directly from the testing agency to Nova Southeastern University.

How can I get the English proficiency requirement waived or be admitted conditionally?

You cannot be admitted conditionally without satisfying this requirement. The only exemptions to the policy are as follows:

  • Successful completion of at least a bachelor's degree at a regionally-accredited U.S. institution of higher education.
  • Passing Level 5 with at least 85% at Talk International Language School.
  • Completion of a degree at an institution in one of the following countries: Australia, English speaking Canada, Ghana, Ireland, New Zealand, or the United Kingdom.

You will receive friendly reminders from the Office of Admissions with updates on your application.

We also recommend that you log back into your account to keep track of your application progress at Once logged back in, click to view the supplemental items list. You can see what has been received, specific instructions, and upload certain documents directly into your account.

Lastly, you can call the Office of Admissions for a status update at 954-262-2031 or 800-986-2247 x. 22031 or email

Master's: Decisions are usually made within one to two weeks. You will be notified by email as soon as a decision has been made.

Doctoral: Decisions are usually made within one to two months. There is no formal timetable or timeframe for the decision process. You will be notified by email as soon as a decision has been made.

You will receive notification of the decision via email with an attached PDF of your decision letter.
Newly admitted students must begin the program in the term to which they were admitted. An appeal to defer matriculation may be requested one-time only. Appeals for deferment must be submitted to the Admissions Office within one year from the term of acceptance. For students who do not begin the program per their offer of admission or deferment, the offer is withdrawn within one year from the term of acceptance; subsequent enrollment will require a new application.
Admission to our graduate programs is competitive. Consequently, applicants who meet the minimum requirements are not assured admission. If you have more questions about your application, please contact the Director of Academic Programs Management.
We recommend that you apply again only if circumstances in your life change that would add additional value to your application packet. You will need to re-submit all your applications documents, except your official transcripts on file. You should supply any additional information you can to strengthen your application.
Still have questions? Contact us at or by phone at (954) 262-2031.
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