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Cybersecurity Minor

The cybersecurity minor is designed for someone who wants to focus on applications of concepts for information security and security of an organization. This minor is especially helpful for students in all majors as companies across a variety of industries, such as banking, finance, and healthcare, need to keep rigorous standards and certifications in cybersecurity to maintain business operations.

Cybersecurity Minor Requirements (18-19 Credits)

  • CSIS 1800 Introduction to Computer and Information Sciences (3)
  • TECH 2020 Programming for Everyone (3) or CSIS 2101 Fundamentals of Computer Programming (4)
  • CSIS 3001 Introduction to Cybersecurity (3)
  • CSIS 3023 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Computers (3)
  • TECH 3100 Introduction to Data Science (3)
  • CSIS 4010 Computer Security (3)


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