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National Security Agency (NSA)'s NCAE-C NSU_eHACKERs Student Club




National Security Agency (NSA)'s NCAE-C NSU_eHACKERs Student Club

The National Security Agency (NSA) and its affiliated federal agencies support educational programs designed to establish higher education in the fields of cybersecurity throughout the country. The NSA have designated Nova Southeastern University (NSU) as a National Center of Academic Excellence (NCAE) in Cybersecurity - Cyber Defense (CD) through academic year 2028.

NSU_eHACKERs is a student club (e for Ethical!) that is part of NSU’s Center for Information Protection, Education, and Research (CIPhER). It is open to all College of Computing and Engineering (CCE) students pursuing an undergraduate, master's, or doctoral degree with interest in cybersecurity. 

Our purpose is to:

  • To bring awareness of security in the cyber space and NSU Cybersecurity programs to welcome anyone that wants to learn about ethical hacking and cybersecurity in general.
  • To engage in Capture the Flag (CTF) teams that represent NSU Sharks at Hackathons, CTF events and any (ethical) hacking competition that we can participate in - a training ground for ethical hackers.
  • Additionally, we aim to provide information sessions from industry experts and help prepare anyone to get a job in cybersecurity.
  • All in good faith to prepare as many cybersecurity experts as we can and bring consciousness to every one of the dangers of the Internet, we all love to use.


Fall 2022 Events (Subject to Change, Dates TBD – check Discord):

  • Sharkapolooza
  • Start of Semester eHACKERs General Body Meeting
  • Introduction to Linux Workshop
  • Meet the Cyber Expert – September
  • Meet the Cyber Expert – October
  • Meet the Cyber Expert – November
  • Introduction to Wireshark Workshop
  • Club Hosted CTF
  • Club Service Project – Talking to High Schoolers about Cybersecurity
  • End of Semester eHACKERs General Body Meeting.

Upcoming Competitions

Whether you are new to Cyber Competitions or advanced, for the time being we have 3 upcoming competitions! Let us know which competition you are interested in joining before the end of September!

NCAE Cyber Games

MISI CAE Hack the Building 2.0: Hospital Edition

NSA Cyber Exercise (NCX) 


2022-2023 Officers:

  • President - Diana Dancea (
  • Vice President - Andrew Vasquez (
  • Treasurer - Rejoice Kumah (
  • IOC Chair - Triet Do (
  • Secretary - Dina Khan (


Club Links:


Club Faculty Sponsor:

Professor Yair Levy,  


Photos from Some Club Prior Events:


Hack the Port 2022 Photos (Credits to Kemar Bailey – NSU’s MS in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity and his Lessons Learned Presentation following the event to the club):


Target – CCTV & VOIP Networks


Target – Container Ship

Target – Electronic Road Barrier Gate

Target – Foreign Trading Zone (FTZ)

Target – Hospital

Target – Ship-Board Network

Target – Gantry Crane

Target – Water Filtration System

Target – Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Tank



2022 NSA CAE-NCX Competition - NSU Team Photos


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