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The Ph.D. in Information Systems program requires at least 67 credit hours. Each student must complete seven core courses, at least two doctoral research courses, and a doctoral research dissertation. Courses, research, and dissertation registrations are listed below:

Each student will be required to complete two doctoral research courses of DISS 885. These courses will be taken at the end of the student’s coursework. These directed study courses will enable the student, with the support of a faculty advisor, to identify a viable research topic and conduct preliminary research that will lead to formal candidacy for the student.

DISS 885 Doctoral Research (4 credits)

Students must complete 24 credits of dissertation registrations, three registrations of DISS 901. Students who do not complete the dissertation within 24 credits will register for DISS 920 Continuing Dissertation until the dissertation is complete.

DISS 901 Doctoral Dissertation (8 credits)

DISS 920 Continuing Dissertation (4 credits)

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